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Marsha Diane Arnold
Marsha Diane Arnold
Picture Books

Books in Print

  • Roar of a Snore, Dial Books for Young Readers 2006
  • Hugs on the Wind, Abrams Books 2006
  • Prancing, Dancing Lily, Dial Books for Young Readers 2004
  • Heart of a Tiger, Dial Books for Young Readers 1995
  • The Pumpkin Runner, Dial Books for Young Readers 1998
  • The Bravest of us All, Dial Books for Young Readers 2000
  • Quick, Quack, Quick, Step into Reading book, Random House 1996

A Word from Marsha Diane Arnold

Prancing Dancing Lily

"Before writing picture books, I spent ten years writing a weekly newspaper column, 'homegrown treasures'. It won awards. It was syndicated. But what meant the most to me is that it was read by families — grandparents, parents, teens, and toddlers sitting together and enjoying the 'story'. I've always believed that the best stories are for all ages, for those are the stories that hold enduring truths.

"Since my BA is in English literature, it's not surprising that technical skill as well as the 'music' of writing — the rhythm of the syllables bumping against one another, the lyrical flow of the words across the page — are important to me. However, no matter how beautifully written a story is, what makes it true and important and worth writing is the heart of the story. Does it touch us in a way we've never been touched before? Is it unique and surprising? Does it tell us something we had almost realized, but never fully did until it was divinely revealed to us by the words on the page?

"Writing is a gift and we always want to give our very best gifts to our readers. Let our writing journey begin."


Roar of a Snore

Freelance Writer

  • Write children's picture books and easy readers.
  • Wrote weekly, award-winning, syndicated parenting column, "homegrown treasures".
  • Wrote magazine articles.
  • Publicist for theatre companies.


  • Present entertaining, educational programs related to my books for elementary school students. Discuss the writing process, creativity, perseverance, and the backgrounds of my books.
  • Speak at conferences, workshops, and festivals on the writing process and children's literature.


Heart of a Tiger
  • Instructed/edited for Institute of Children's Literature
  • Researched, organized, and presented lessons for elementary students.
  • Aided in fourth grade remedial reading/writing program.
  • Supervised Kindergym program for parents and infants. Presented positive parenting techniques.
  • Aided in organizing learning games for the Mentally Gifted Minors program.
  • Nutrition consultant to mothers in infant classes.

Eligibility Worker

  • As lead worker, acted as a consultant to other eligibility workers in resolving program and procedural problems.
  • Identified information and training needs. Aided in development of policies and procedures.
  • Interviewed parents and determined financial eligibility for California Children Services, a program providing specialized medical care and rehabilitation for handicapped children.
  • Hugs on the Wind
  • Authorized payment for medical treatment and equipment for handicapped children.


  • B.A. in English, graduated Cum Laude
    Kansas State University
    Manhattan, Ks.
  • Graduate Work
    Dominican College
    San Rafael, Ca.

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childrens book manuscript advisors childrens book manuscript advisors childrens book manuscript advisors childrens book manuscript advisors