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Gerald Hausman
Gerald Hausman
Non-Fiction, Picture Books, and Novels

Books in Print

By Gerald Hausman

  • Meditations with Animals, Inner Traditions, 1986
  • Meditations with the Navajo, Inner Traditions, 1989
  • Stargazer, Lotus Press, 1989
  • Turtle Dream, Mariposa, 1991
  • Navajo Nights, (audio) Lotus Press, 1992
  • The Sun Horse, Lotus Press, 1995
  • The Kebra Nagast, St. Martin's Press, 1997
  • The Story of Blue Elk, Clarion, 1998
  • The Coyote Bead, Hampton Roads, 1999
  • Horses of Myth
  • The Jacob Ladder (with Uton Hinds), Scholastic, 2001
  • The Boy From Nine Miles, (with Cedella Marley), Hampton Roads, 2002
  • 56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road, (with Cedella Marley), Tuff Gong Books, 2002
  • Castaways: Stories of Survival, HarperCollins, 2003
  • The Jacob Ladder (with Uton Hinds), Scholastic paperback, 2003
  • 60 Visions (with Cedella Marley), Tuff Gong Books, 2005

By Gerald and Loretta Hausman

  • The Mythology of Dogs, St. Martin's Press, 1998
  • The Mythology of Horses, Random House, 2003
  • Escape From Botany Bay, Scholastic, 2003
  • Napoleon and Josephine, Scholastic, 2004
  • Horses of Myth, E.P. Dutton, 2005
  • Henry David Thoreau, Random House, 2006
  • The Healing Horse, Houghton Mifflin, 2006
  • Leaves of Liberty, Scholastic, 2007

A Word from Gerald Hausman

Duppy Talk

"As a storyteller I have always believed that the written word comes from the oral tradition. Therefore, my narrators are always talkers. When I write for adults or children, I concentrate on the rhythm of the words, the flow, the pattern, the beauty of sentences. Yes, I have written books of poetry. And yes, I still do.

"As a teacher in the classroom for over 18 years I have witnessed the power of the spoken word and how, when this becomes the written word, students only lose interest in a story when the narrator doesn't sound like someone they know, or perhaps someone they might want to know. Keeping it real is an understatement.

"As an editor I have always been passionate, putting in as many years helping others get their manuscripts into print as writing books for myself. I have worked with many Native American, West Indian and European authors. Many — and I would hope through my efforts — have gone on to successful writing careers. A number of writers I mentored have produced books that have sold widely. Some of these books are still in print after twenty years.

"As a writer I love what I do. At the age of sixty, and with some sixty of books written I am still very much in love with writing. I dance when a new book comes out. I don't believe I will ever lose sight of the fact that writing like life is a joyous expression, a gift that makes each day a transcendent treasure, freshly opened to the eye and ear."


Ghost Walk

1994-2007 Author, storyteller and lecturer

  • presentations to elementary, secondary schools, colleges, conferences and libraries throughout the U.S. and Europe
  • author of more than 60 books for children, young adults and adults
  • television appearances (History Channel and PBS)
  • radio (NPR, Pacifica, Christian Science Monitor Radio)

1983-1994 Teacher of English & Sokol Instructor, Santa Fe Preparatory School, Santa Fe, NM

  • 7th through 12th grade
  • assisted school trips to the Grand Canyon, Pecos Wilderness and Carlsbad Caverns
  • taught Sokol (Czech physical fitness and martial arts)
  • teacher of summer school creative writing program in Jamaica, West Indies

1979-1983 Vice President, Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, NM

  • editor of more than thirty books
  • manager of production and printing

1969-1976 Teacher of English and Creative Writing, The Windsor Mountain School, Lenox, MA

  • grades 9-12
  • teacher advisor for the school magazine, Stonehouse
  • housefather for dormitory

1970-1979 Managing Editor — The Bookstore Press, Lenox, MA

  • published children's books by Ruth Krauss, Maurice Sendak, Crockett Johnson and many others
  • edited trade books for Avon, Viking, Dutton, Bradbury, Harper & Row


1963-1965 Union College, Cranford, NJ — AA, English Literature

1965-1968 New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM — BA, English Literature

Awards and Grants

  • Children's Protective Services Award for performance art for children
  • Massachusetts Council on the Humanities Grant for teaching poetry, grades 3-8
  • Poet in Residence, city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  • Literary Arts Consultant for Berkshire County
  • Connecticut Commission on the Arts Grant to teach poetry to Hartford area high school students and graduate students at Connecticut State College
  • Aesop Accolade/American Folklore Society
  • International Reading Association Children's Choice
  • American Bookseller/Critics Choice
  • Bank Street College of Education/Best Book
  • New York Public Library/Best Book for the Teenage
  • CCBC Choices
  • Parents' Choice
  • American Bookseller Pick of the Lists
  • Americus Honorable Mention
  • Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People


Harvard University, The Choate School, St. John's College, Seattle Academy of the Arts, The Annie Wright School, The Living Desert Museum, Queen's College, Fordham University, The Delta Society International Conference, The Core Knowledge Conference, The Miami Dade Reading Council, The Miami International Book Fair, Mesa Community College, Santa Fe Community College, College of Santa Fe, The Boston Public Library, Windham College, The Birmingham Public Library, Butler University, University of Connecticut, University of El Paso, Connecticut State College, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Nova University, Miami Dade College, Jacksonville Community College, Miami Children's Museum, SCBWI Florida Conference, Department of Defense Schools, Germany, The Oregon Coast Children's Book Writer's Workshop, The Berkshire Playhouse Berkshire Community College, Simon's Rock-Bard College, Omega Institute and many others


  • Haunted Caribbean, The History Channel
  • The Boy with the Sun Tree Bow, animated short feature, The University of Washington Film School

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