Children's Book Manuscript Advisors
childrens book manuscript advisors childrens book manuscript advisors childrens book manuscript advisors

What Customers Have to Say About Our Service...

"Employing the services of a manuscript advisor has boosted my confidence and honed my writing skills tremendously. I've been writing since I could hold a pencil, but writing for publication is an entirely different enterprise. My advisor, David Greenberg, is not only an amazing writer and wonderful person, but also a market savvy businessman. Through targeted coaching, I'm learning to transform my writing from weekend hobby to everyday profession."

Susan Andrew

"Dear Mr. Greenberg,

"Your expertise helped shaped my poetry and breathed life into it. You opened my eyes to subtle mistakes I would have otherwise overlooked."

Isaac Olaleye

"I had lost my focus on a writing project that I had been working on for five years. Gerry Hausman gave me some solid feedback and criticism and now I am back on track. Since working with Gerry, I have revised and submitted one ms. and I am now at work on another."

Richard Glaubman

"I have derived great benefit from participating in the Children's Book Manuscript Advisors service. My initial conversation with David Greenberg yielded a great match with a manuscript advisor who has helped me improve my manuscript enormously. As I continue to work on this project, I believe the service has helped me turn my story from a good one to a truly publishable one. Thank you!"

Cindy Ross

"David took a good children's manuscript and helped me make it sparkle. It was amazing to me the minor flaws that I could not see but that, once addressed, turned the story from good to great. He was not only capable and gifted in the editorial advice he gave, he was prompt and supportive as well."


"Working with Gerry Hausman is a pleasure. I consider him a mentor. His editing skills are excellent and his manuscript critique made suggestions that picked up the pace of the story. This was a very difficult year for me personally as I lost my father after a round of difficult surgeries. Gerry was very supportive and encouraging and gave excellent advice, while actually suggesting I change very little of the novel. Gerry exceeded my expectations. He is great to work with."

childrens book manuscript advisors
childrens book manuscript advisors